Frequently asked questions and answers

Below is the user manual, from the various steps to correctly install the tool up to various technical advice on how to best use its potential.

Do the prices refer to a single site?

Yes, the prices refer to the single e-Commerce to be monitored.

How soon can I withdraw from the free trial period and how?

You can withdraw from the contract within 7 days prior to the end of the trial period by communicating via certified e-mail.

Does Sirio affect the other tools I use?

No, Sirio does not affect any other tools or any additional analytics software you may use.

Are there any contractual obligations?

The duration of the contract is normally 1 year starting from the delivery of the access credentials or from the end of the trial period, when applicable.

The contract is generally subject to automatic renewal upon expiry, without prejudice to the possibility of avoiding renewal with cancellation to be sent within 3 months before expiration.

Chiron reserves the right to update the contract in accordance with the contractual documentation. Further details will in any case be contained in the contractual documentation.

What happens after the first month of trial?

If no notice of termination of the contract occurs, the free trial period is considered to have been successfully passed and the annual subscription will begin to run.

Can Sirio cause performance drops in my e-commerce?

No, as Sirio uses asynchronous calls that do not affect the loading of the website pages in any way.

How do I install Sirio on my E-commerce?

Before receiving the login credentials, you'll need to download the Sirio package from the marketplace or install it directly with the source, after installing the necessary prerequisites that will be required during the operation.

Does Sirio respect the GDPR?

Yes, Sirio uses the data in compliance with the privacy regulations.

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Is it possible to send the Alert to multiple people in my organization?

Yes, during the onboarding process you can select multiple people to report an error.

Is it possible to pay a lower price for the first few months?

Yes. We have a solution for those who want to test Sirio. It is called sampling and consists of analyzing on average 50% of the total visits.

In this mode the price is about half, but the missing revenue feature is not activated.

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