Take control

of your e-commerce

with Sirio

Take control of

your e-commerce with Sirio

An advanced monitoring software capable of:

  • Track the technological anomalies of your eCommerce;

  • Offer the best digital experiences;

  • Prevent and reduce loss of revenue.

The platform that helps you, step by step, to discover the errors in your eCommerce.


How does it work?


Sirio tracks your user’s interactions within your eCommerce in real time by collecting all the data necessary to carry out subsequent analyses.


Sirio examines customer journey, user behaviour, purchasing trends, abandoned carts, technical anomalies and missing turnover.


Sirio provides graphs and tips to create your winning strategy, increase your conversion rate and revenue by recovering lost potential customers.


Turnover analysis

Sirio calculates the turnover on the basis of the purchased carts and the lost revenue on the basis of the impact that the problems of your e-commerce have on the User Experience.

Technological anomalies

Sirio monitors from the very first moment all Javascript technological errors, sluggish pages and pages that report 404 errors, server-side down-sites, searches that do not give results and lead to bounces.

Alert increase anomalies

Sirio sends notifications when there is a rapid increase in anomalies that requires prompt action.

Alert downsite

Sirio constantly monitors e-Commerce with calls to the Server and understands if it responds positively.

If, on the other hand, the ping is negative, it sends an immediate alert to your email.

Behavior analysis

  • Sirio identifies a specific customer behaviour, tracing the user’s online path; 
  • It also identifies at what level of the funnel users are lost and why;
  • It counts the daily bounce sessions by comparing them with the total ones.

Filters and segments

Sirio provides different and advanced filters to allow a personalised reading of the information and save it in segments that can be reused and shared with other users.

Integrates Sirio to your CMS